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You Turn My Struggles Into Snuggles

Fuzzy blanket, blue as the sky,

Upon the couch on which I lie,

You’re soft and warm upon my skin

And where you end does the world begin,

And so I huddle ‘neath your sheet

To keep the warmth and trap the heat

Until the dawn, so cruel and bright,

Will slay the peaceful starry night.

Fuzzy blanket from Bass Pro Shops,

You’re where my imaginary foe stops,.

My bastion from a lukewarm room,

You cast away the stagnant gloom.

Eight feet long and six feet wide

You hold me tight, wrap me inside.

All I love more than your pale blue

Is that you’re big enough for two.

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Ode To A Fireplace

Fire, fire, in the place,

Chase the cold from limbs and face,

Make my body warm, and keep

My mind at ease so I may sleep.

Do not from the hearth go venture

Or your name I’ll surely censure

As I, with woe, seek to smother

You, the fire I once did mother,

For if you wander to and fro

Up in you my house will go

And I will be unhoused and blue

Because, dear fire, of the antics of you.

Thus I, my fiery friend, entreat:

Don’t aspire to more than heat

A home. Restrain your conflagration

And we’ll share a heartfelt celebration.

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