Life is Ephemeral

If I were a mayfly

With but one day to live

I’d spend my only hours

Looking for ways to give,
And what better gift

Is there for a bunch of bugs

But a lifetime supply of happiness

In the form of chocolate Hugs.
I would build a factory

A milimeter high.

I’d hire and train the larvae

To work until they die.
I’d create a one-fly empire

To bring joy to me and you,

Only to have it crushed

By some human’s canoe.
So next time you are boating,

Running, swimming, or taking a hike

Think about the little guys

Before doing as you like,
‘Cause maybe the cure for cancer

Or diseases of another kind

Are hidden in the ephemeral

Ambitious mayfly’s mind.
If I were a Mayfly

I’d be the best fly I could be.

But alas, I’m not a fly,

So let’s go watch TV.

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