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Disney Doesn’t Want Any Original Material…

I made a roller coaster

That goes a million miles an hour

It has 50 real tigers

And a giant lava shower

And there’s fireworks and live grenades

And unicorns and shit

And, for some reason, investors

Won’t have any part of it?

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Haiku for Hope

Broken pottery

By the lawn I haven’t mown

And my old blue truck;

Living comfortably

And all that I sacrificed

Was my lofty goals.

Then a cool pillow

When I wake and feel refreshed

Like when I was young;

That ginger sunrise

Isn’t unattainable

If I love enough.

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No matter your age or your weight or your sex,

If you like Raisin Bran or prefer Chex,

There comes a time when the day is all done

You bid fond farewell to the moon and the sun

And fade into fancy, a limerent land

Where nothing is normal and banished is bland,

Where poets can prosper and perchance partake

In fantasy simply for fantasy’s sake.

I wish you good venture into such a place

As the slackness of sleep falls fast on your face.

Sleep now, and linger beyond the awake

Where nothing is real but nothing is fake.

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One Day

How often do people say

“There aren’t enough hours in a day”?

But imagine a moment there were:

Picture a day with unlimited hours

For the sweetest of meals and the hottest of showers,

A day without limits of what you can learn,

How hard you can play, how much you can earn,

A day you can retry as much as you like;

You can say something stupid or fall off your bike

Without any fear, any anger or sorrow

Because all who saw you are now in tomorrow

While you’re still enjoying a day with no end

Side by side with a lover, a parent, a friend.

Now what if this day that went on and on

Had many an evening and many a dawn

And seasons and fashions pass by as you walk

At a slow, steady pace with no thought of a clock,

And you had sunny weather and hail and snow

And famine and fortune and high things and low?

That day went so long you were gray in the hair

And your skin started sagging and you’re just halfway there

To the end of a day with no finish in sight,

Growing old, doing good, all the while feeling right.

You remember a detail you knew all along

About what will come when the long day is gone:

When you see the last touchdown and rise of the sun

You’ll not shed a tear that you only got one;

You’ll feel no envy for those who keep going

Because this whole day, your whole life, you’ve lived knowing

You have all the time you will need, so you say

“Thank you for a life lasting only one day.”

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Strawberry Girl

Strawberry girl who smiled at me,

I can’t help but wonder who it is you see.

Is it a ghost? In your heart I haunt

With illusory promise of all that you want;

Or is it a man who won’t stop the fight

To find you? Which one of us brings you delight?

Strawberry girl who gave me a kiss,

When we’re apart which me do you miss?

Is it the thought of the way that you feel

Like each moment we are is too sweet to be real;

Or is it the man protecting the bruise

Someone left on his heart? Which me will you choose?

Strawberry girl who held me one day,

I will be your man, whether mortal or fey;

A dream or a person, a prayer or a mind;

Someone to be cherished or else left behind.

You are a woman, but also a thought,

And I’ll be your man whether you’re here or not.

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Buck Shot, But Not Well

Sometimes when it’s peaceful

In the evening by the stream

I like to lie beside the bank

And oh-so-gently dream

That as the humans hunt the deer

The deer hunt us the same,

But humans never notice this

‘Cause deer have lousy aim.

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Ever Have That Dream That Happens Over and Over? Yeah…

So today my poem

Is autobiographical,

But that doesn’t mean it’s boring

Nor that it is bull…

I got up at 6:00 AM

And worked for 9 long hours,

After which I got undressed

For three back-to-back showers.

During shower number three

My brain turned on a sec

And instead of thinking, “Ooh, warm water”

It thought “Oh shoot! Oh heck!

“I was supposed to take a test

“That’s due at 5:00 PM!”

It thus proceeded to haw

And also, a bit, to hem.

Well, I expect to get a C

In the class who test I missed,

But instead of being angry, angsty,

Nervous, sad, or pissed

I decided to look on

The sunny side of life:

I know my dreams can come true now!

Now who’s that with my wife…?

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…Or An Astronaut

I want to be the director

At a news station some day

So when a line of gnus appears

I am the one to say:

“Lights… Camera… Action”

But moreso than the views

I want to say I was the one

Who cued queued gnus news.

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Dreams and Reality

One day I’ll wake in the morning

And look to the sky in the East

And see the sunrise with my well rested eyes

Before cooking a bacony feast.

One day I’ll go for a run

For a mile, or maybe for ten

Then go on a date with my lovely soulmate

And laugh ‘til the sun sets again.

One day my dreams may be real

But I pray it does not come to that

‘Cause today I slept in and wore naught but my skin

And drank egg nog and snuggled a cat.

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Realism and Idealism

It would be nice if living were easy.

A life without pain would be grand!

Imagine that life, so sweet and delightful,

Where nothing is worthless or bland.!

I think of that life, where perfect is doable

Then I awake with a start

And go face a day that is average and gray

But hold the dream close in my heart.

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