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Twelve Unborn Chickens Died To Bring You This Poem

When I throw eggs out the window

While on the motorway

Some jerks honk and curse at me.

That’s what I learned today.

Now if I hit you with an egg

You can honk if you want to

But I don’t mind ’cause either way

In the end the yolk’s on you.

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Love is:

In the woman’s mind:


Love begins as a dove:

It is quiet, sublime, and simple.

Love evolves.

It becomes an eagle:

It must be strong to survive, and often it becomes vicious.

Then love is the space shuttle:

There is no limit to where it can fly, and you will see new places the rest of your days.


In the man’s mind:


Love begin as  a rooster in the suburbs:

It is noisy, the main point is cock, and it alienates you from your friends.

Love evolves, sort of like a Pokemon.

It becomes a Chinese Restaurant:

Basically, cock is still being put in mouths, but you’re not sure if this is what you ordered.

And remember, love is like flatulence:

If you have to force it, it’s probably crap.

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