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My Foray Into French Poetry (It’s a 12y)

When I went to France

I got a pet 4.

I 5 to my knees

And I gave it a pat.

I wanted to pet it

But was told to 6.

If you don’t know French numbers

You’ve had e9 of 10.


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God made twelve hours of light and dark

In an alternating way

Then sat a while

And with a smile

Decided to call it a day.

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Star Wars Episode IX

The stormtrooper lands

In Nairobi, Kenya

And fires his blaster

Into the falling H2O.

The Jedi asks the trooper

“What was all that?”

And the trooper says

“I miss the rains down in Africa.”

*Roll Credits*

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Four European Jokes

If you think you’re very nice

I’ll leave you this reminder:

No matter how kind you happen to be

German children will always be kinder.


If you read the first jokes

And your focus yet lingers

How ’bout the Roman

Who held up two fingers

And said to the bartender

“Howdy there Clive!”

Clive asked “Two beers?”

But the Roman said “Five.”


When France declared a civil war

At first we wondered “But what for?”

But thanks to the historically well-versed

We learned it was an argument about who surrendered first.



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The Elf In Boots Of Azure Suede

For Halloween I dressed like Legolas

From the franchise about the ring,

But as I walked about the town

People kept asking me to sing.

At first I didn’t understand

This request, but I caught on later…

People figured I could sing

Since I’m an Elvish Impersonator.

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Like Duck Puns… BUT BETTER 🔥

If you want a large-beaked bird

A pelican will do.

If you want a big-beaked philosopher

Then Peli Kant’s for you.

If you want a big-beaked marsupial

Try pelikangaroo.

If you want other big-beaked puns…

You guessed it: Pelican-do.

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Oh Sheet…

I started a band where we’d play

Stuff other folks played first. OK?

Then I did discover

Such a band’s called a Cover,

And thus I named our band “Duvet.”

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