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Buzzfeed Journalism

Everything in life worth knowing

Can be found in a hard-boiled egg.

If you don’t see how that’s possible

Your name probably isn’t Greg.

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Half Dozen Of The Other

So many people live like eggs

It’s almost not okay.

Their only goal is, like an egg,

To get laid every day.

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Twelve Unborn Chickens Died To Bring You This Poem

When I throw eggs out the window

While on the motorway

Some jerks honk and curse at me.

That’s what I learned today.

Now if I hit you with an egg

You can honk if you want to

But I don’t mind ’cause either way

In the end the yolk’s on you.

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Old Farmer’s Wisdom

Count your eggs before they hatch
‘Cause then you’re set to know
How long your farm can hold its own
If you need an egg to throw.

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