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Involuntary Green Party Inductees Share Their Stories

Clumps of verdant

Pungent green,

Thicker than

I’ve ever seen.

Green as moss

In the city park,

Thick and tough

As cedar bark.

Tufts of emerald

Large as deer,

As far as you

Can see and hear.

Aromatic green

As wide as can be…

I only can wonder

Why it’s growing on me.

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GOP Concerns

I’d like to go green,

But what if I’m seen?

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Happy Green Booze Day!

Once a year we celebrate

Some unruly Irish saint

With our Friday evening fun,

Although it’s Tuesday, and only 1:00.

If you’re a kid not wearing green

It’s better that you not be seen,

For this day’s for the violent sort.

Pinching’s an encouraged sport!

And tomorrow, on goes the fun

As we avoid noise and the bright sun.

So read this poem tomorrow at noon,

And you’ll know why you fell asleep in the bathroom.

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