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The 1,400th Travesty

Many, many years ago…

Five, to be exact,

The world became quite marginally

More worser. That’s a fact!

‘Cause many, many five years prior

To the day you read this crap

Was the day I quit my arson hobby

And downloaded the WordPress app.

Many days of wonder,

Days of beauty, truth, and vision

Never came to pass

Thanks to my poem-a-day decision,

So celebrate what could have been

Where it not for me,

And happy 1,400th post

Dear Daily Travesty!


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Yay! (Now What Do I Write)?

Several days ago

700 followers we hit.

I realize at self-promotion

I really am… Less than optimal.

Thank you for supporting

My daily slog of passion

And commenting to show love,

Not merely to cash in.

All 704 of you

Are deserving of praise and respect

For you have displayed great taste

And superior intellect.

Now that I’ve bribed you with kindness

(All of which is sincere, by the way)

I bid you good night ’til tomorrow

When I’m hopefully inspired again.

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If By Some Zany Coincidence It Happens To Be Your Birthday Today…

What a day! 

May 25!

Let’s celebrate that 

You’re still alive!

Some years were good,

Some years were tough,

But we celebrate them all

By buying you stuff!

The folks you know

Will email and call

And write well wishes

On your Facebook wall.

And then at the end

You’ll be delighted to see

This snazzy poem

To you from me.

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Happy Green Booze Day!

Once a year we celebrate

Some unruly Irish saint

With our Friday evening fun,

Although it’s Tuesday, and only 1:00.

If you’re a kid not wearing green

It’s better that you not be seen,

For this day’s for the violent sort.

Pinching’s an encouraged sport!

And tomorrow, on goes the fun

As we avoid noise and the bright sun.

So read this poem tomorrow at noon,

And you’ll know why you fell asleep in the bathroom.

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I’m finished with finals!
I’m finally done!
And now all the classrooms
Make way for the sun!

Exams are extinguished
And classes are passed.
The papers are written.
Summer’s here at long last!

Commitments are finished,
At least ’til the Fall.
What will I do?
How ’bout nothing at all?

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