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What The News Won’t Tell You

Mass media provides

A service in which they

Share public information

Of what happens every day.

But the news is not reliable

To show an uncomfortable scoop

Like the hundreds of would-be bombers

Who thought “nah, I gotta poop.”

No matter how they try

And no matter how they zoom

Cameras never show a person

Standing in an empty room.

They won’t report this poem


They won’t tell other countries

About you, him, her, and me.

So I spend time on Facebook

‘Cause the news is relevant there

Until I see pics my friend’s friend liked

And then even I don’t care.

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My Motto, Age 12 Months

Sob, sob, sob

Cry, cry, cry.

Woe is me!

Oh my, oh my.

Waah, waah, waah.

Whee, whee, whee.


Look at me!

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