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Breaking: Illuminati Leader Identified At Last!

One day, a cat suggested

“Wouldn’t it be great

“If we walked up to humans,

“Who we obviously hate,

“And acted cute and fluffy

“‘While we multiply their struggles?”

That cat is world famous now;

His name is Mr. Snuggles.

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Dear Conspiracy Theorists…

Some people believe

That our world will be conquered

By satanic lizards from Mars.

To those folks I say,

“Don’t be scared… it’s okay.

“Their rulers are better than ours!”

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I’m Just Gonna Let This Hang Here…

Swords have cross-guards,

Hammers have heads,

And NFL cornerbacks

Often have dreads.

Movies have releases

And novels have printin’s,

But why can’t Taylor Swift

Have some dirt on the Clintons?

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Vegan Conspiracies

They make blueberry, strawberry,

Blackberry jam,

But not jam out of chicken,

Venison, spam.

Why do we make paste

Out of fruits and such

But not dead animals?

Suspicious much?

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What The News Won’t Tell You

Mass media provides

A service in which they

Share public information

Of what happens every day.

But the news is not reliable

To show an uncomfortable scoop

Like the hundreds of would-be bombers

Who thought “nah, I gotta poop.”

No matter how they try

And no matter how they zoom

Cameras never show a person

Standing in an empty room.

They won’t report this poem


They won’t tell other countries

About you, him, her, and me.

So I spend time on Facebook

‘Cause the news is relevant there

Until I see pics my friend’s friend liked

And then even I don’t care.

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