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The Jury’s Still Out On Flowers Though…

I’m sitting in the forest,

Bony flesh among the trees,

Trying to consort with both

The flowers and the bees.

As the hours came and went

And nature’s reply did not

I remembered my childhood

And found I had a thought:

The scarecrow of Dorothy’s comp’ny

Lacked a brain, which stopped him from

Doing as I was attempting.

So I questioned: “Am I dumb?”

One of the bees responded:

“Nope. Now go back to the mall.”

I did just that, but pleased

That bees aren’t assholes after all.

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I Am Not Kin To Munches

They represent the lollipop guild

And they made sure I knew, the little F***ers.

They sang it so proudly, but I resisted the lure.

I know that it’s just a guild for suckers.

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There’s No Haiku Like Home

Beige fields of wheat
As far as the eye can see.
In Kansas again.

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