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The Jury’s Still Out On Flowers Though…

I’m sitting in the forest,

Bony flesh among the trees,

Trying to consort with both

The flowers and the bees.

As the hours came and went

And nature’s reply did not

I remembered my childhood

And found I had a thought:

The scarecrow of Dorothy’s comp’ny

Lacked a brain, which stopped him from

Doing as I was attempting.

So I questioned: “Am I dumb?”

One of the bees responded:

“Nope. Now go back to the mall.”

I did just that, but pleased

That bees aren’t assholes after all.

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Learning To Bee Yourself

They’re coming at seven

And this place is a mess.

There are larvae all over the walls.

We’ve not enough pollen

To feed all our guests,

And the queen is asking for my balls.
The workers are striking.

The drones are conversing.

The soldiers are sewing on stripes.

I’ve just about had it

With this dinner party

And all of my coworkers’ gripes.
Thus said the hornet

Who dared to be different.

‘Twas his nature. He didn’t know why.

Later that day

After leaving the nest

He learned that he’d been born a fly.


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Bee Minus

Living as a bumblebee

Is really very lame.

Your life is run by mind control

And every day’s the same.

Our homes are much too sticky

And attract too many bears.

Yellow and black are so last Spring

But no one ever cares.

It’s hard to have an argument

When your sole source of defense

Creates discomfort in your enemy

And kills you in recompense.

And so we drone and buzz and fly

And polenate a bagonia,

Humming “Fields of Gold” by Sting,

Hoping the queen does not disown ya.

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