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How To Jump A Car

This poem is a preview from my upcoming book of 99 “How-To” Poems. Enjoy!

Your car won’t start?

Well, lucky you!

I envy what

You’ll get to do.

You’ll need another car

And a valiant heart.

Got both? Good!

It’s time to start.

First, get in the car

With the working battery.

Turn it on (You do that

By inserting and turning the key).

Have a friend prepare two ramps,

One on either side

Of your old dead-battery car.

Make sure they’re nice and wide.

Then drive full speed onto the ramp

And let that new car fly!

Look down, if you want, onto your old car

And pray that you don’t die.

And when you land successfully

On the other ramp, well look:

You’ve just learned to jump a car.

Aren’t you glad you bought this book?

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Coming Soon!

A vision achieved,
A dream come true,
And it’s coming
To a website near you!

I’ve promised at length
To take this blog far,
Whether through labor
Or a wish on a star.

Through a small bit of both
I’ve published a book!
And I want you, dear reader,
To have the first look.

By Valentines Day
It will be on the shelves,
Placed there by dozens
Of book-placing elves.

And once it’s available
You’ll have the full scoop.
‘Til then I leave you
With this poetical whoop…

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