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Coming Soon!

A vision achieved,
A dream come true,
And it’s coming
To a website near you!

I’ve promised at length
To take this blog far,
Whether through labor
Or a wish on a star.

Through a small bit of both
I’ve published a book!
And I want you, dear reader,
To have the first look.

By Valentines Day
It will be on the shelves,
Placed there by dozens
Of book-placing elves.

And once it’s available
You’ll have the full scoop.
‘Til then I leave you
With this poetical whoop…

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Major Announcement

Hello dear readers, and dear writers too.

Boy do I have some big news for you!

Though this blog does fill my heart

And satisfy my passion for mediocre art,

I’ve decided to take it one step more.

Here is what I have in store:


I call it the Quarterly Travesty,

A publication made by me

That features works of comic strife

That infiltrates everyday life.


The Quarterly Travesty will debut

In September. Now, what’s in it for you:

I’m looking for writers to submit

Your comic creations, and I’ll publish it.

(This is subject to some conditions,

But you probably had such premonitions).


So if you’ve got a poem or two,

A bit of short fiction, comic strip, or cartoo’,

A letter, a joke, or whatever’s funny

That you want to see published, just send it to me.


For those whose comic preferences head

Not towards creation, but to reading instead

I’ll be publishing updates about the e-zine

Right here on the blog, Where it’s sure to be seen.

Please leave your feedback and what you’d like to see.

Your opinions are very important to me.


Thanks all for reading. You guys are the bomb!

(Send your stuff to thedailytravesty@yahoo.com)


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Ordinary Ventures

There are poems about love and nature
And poems about the nature of love.
There are poems about ravens and monsters
And a fancy silk elbow-length glove.

There are ballads about heroes and traitors
And songs about peasants and kings.
Yet sometimes one wants to hear ballads
About boring and everyday things.

And thus I composed such an epic
Of the trite, average, and bourgeois.
I sent it to publishers many
But I haven’t heard back so fa’.

So wish me luck that my venture
Into the world of cliche,
And should my venture fail, perhaps
You’ll read my work in “USA Today.”

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