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The Important Person’s Guide To Everyone Else

There’s a horde of faceless people

Milling blindly in the road,

Never seeing their solutions,

Never earning what they’re owed.

They are nameless, they are faceless,

And they haven’t got a clue…

If that is what you see of them

Then that’s how they’ll see you.

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Not* an Indirect Rant Towards Someone Who Needs to Read This… A Lot

Most people I know are selfish;
Not greedy, just focused on “me.”
What they don’t understand is the concept
That there are other fish in the sea.

Moreover they try to persuade
By saying “this would help me a lot.”
But unless you’re in love or in debt
Help the other guy, your thing does not.

So think when you ask for a favor
“What is in it for them.”
It will deflate tour head for a while,
And from small heads do all good things stem.

*This absolutely is.

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