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Think Of A Clown, But Creepy, Then Laugh A Lot And Act Evil…

Jared Leto, as The Joker,

Made “Suicide Squad” tolerable.

Joaquin Phoenix, as The Joker,

Made his film a billion-dollar-able

Heath Ledger, as The Joker,

Took the Oscar world by storm

And Jack Nicholson, as The Joker,

Was creepy, as per the norm.

Cesar Romero, as The Joker,

Was a true comedic villain.

With nothing but his voice

Mark Hamill made The Joker chilling.

Looking at this track record

All I have to say

Is maybe… (bear with me) maybe…

Joker’s an easy roll to play?


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The Power Of Education

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

This poem is boring;

Let’s see what a PhD will do…

Rosoideae are vermillion,

Their brethren, cyan.

I choose to eschew the quotidian

Because, demonstrably, I can.

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My 2020 Endorsement

When I was a kid

I saw a film that changed my life

About a team of athletes

Who were suffering from strife.

They were not good at basketball

So they hired a dog to play.

If a dog can win a championship

Why not elect it, eh?

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Ish Matters

Calling someone squeamish

Is more complex than it may seem.

After all, when was the last time

You called someone a squeam?

If someone is Spanish,

Sorta shy-ish, or whatnot

You know exactly what they are

But what’s a squeam?

That’s what I thought!

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True, Except For The Part Where I Have A Girlfriend

I’m not a competitive person

Like my girlfriend, Eleanor.

We laugh about how competitive she is

But I always laugh more.


Perfectionists are bad at limbo

But not because it’s tough…

They spend the game complaining

That the bar’s not high enough.

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When Poetry Doesn’t Pay The Bills (Also, But My Books)

Today I made money

By performing tasks.

That’s why this poem’s late and bad

In case anybody asks.

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Honestly, It Feels Wrong To Give This Poem An Ironic Title, So I’m Just Going To Call It “Charles”

I am not the clothes I wear.

I’m not the style of my hair.

I’m not my height or weight or style,

Neither my scowl nor my smile.

All these things that you can see

Mean nothing to that which is me.

I’m what I do, or so I’ve found;

My body’s just to get around.

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