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Why Adults Matter

Life is an X-Rated video game

And we are the gigantic foes

That stop young players from seeing things

Until their character grows.

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9/10 University Professors Think This Acronym Is Invalid…

If you’re like me and I’m like you

You hear a lot about LGBTQ,

Perhaps even about BIPOC,

But never about SPWCOV.

Now it’s important to tolerate

Those who are gay, lesbian, trans,

And those who are bisexual

And whatever it is for which “Q” stands,

It’s important to have empathy

And remember the plights

Of those who are indigenous

And all the other non-whites,

And women deserve a mention

So the feminists can’t fine us…

But what about the Straight People

Without Color Or Vaginas?

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…That Was When Elon Musk Got A New Idea…

Some fear that robots will steal our jobs

But that’s not the future I see…

After all, what robot has the power

To turn any liquid into pee?

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See, I Can Still Write Sonnets!

If I had good fortune to get bit by

A radioactive beast of some kind

And gained a superpower related

Here’s what superpower comes to my mind:

I would be bitten by a human dad

Of a small child, aged between three and five

And gain power to really steal noses

From any human who is now alive.

I would wander town to town in a mask

And say, “Got your nose” to a passer-by

And see the annoyance turn to shock when

They see that what I said is real, not a lie.

Then I’d put their nose back and fly away.

I think that would really make someone’s day…

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A Bit of Hot Air

I used a hand dryer

In the public restroom

After I went to the beach.

I expected it

To dry my hands,

But it delivered a political speech.

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And Yet We Keep Voting For Them…

Politicians are like a bag of chips

That appear to be mostly air

But then they take the chips away

And say “You’re healthy now. See? I care!”

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Worth The Price

In a world where being smart

Will make you mistrusted,

Where telling the truth

Makes one seem maladjusted,

Where showing compassion

Invites social scorn,

Where condemned are the happy

And praised the forlorn,

Where the vicious are wealthy

And the meek can’t inherit,

Where you’re judged by one’s look

And not by one’s merit,

I hope you’re condemned

To what’s nearly infinite

So when the world becomes worthy

You’ll still fit within it.

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Why Hitler Is The Silver-Medalist of Evil

The inventor of homework they tell is

A guy named Roberto Nevelis.

I don’t know about you,

But sounds like a guy who

Will experience firsthand what Hell is…

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Then I Gave Death the “Come Hither” Look…

Whenever death may lurk nearby

And threaten you with pain

Know that if the threat is true

You’ll never watch a debate again…

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It’s “Queeva,” Actually…

A young Irish man in his prime

Loved a lassie who gave him a lime.

He said, “Darling Caoimhe,

“I’ll never leave ya.”

And yes, that does actually rhyme.

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