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The Future Of Marriage

I love myself. I’m awesome.

I do, myself, amaze.

I really am incredible

In oh so many ways.

That’s why I decided

To buy myself a ring

And propose to myself romantically

While the doves of morning sing.

Alas, I’m so amazing

That I’m too good for me

So I turned down the proposal

And sobbed and said “Hehe.”

I am all distraught, and yet

I’m strong of will and mettle

Knowing that I’m great enough

To never, ever settle.

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A Warning To Insects, Politicians, And Others Of Their Kind (AKA Welcome To The Watchlist Thou Crappy Poet)

“Glorify me!”

Yelled the beetle

Before he was squashed

By old Mr. Cheadle.

So if you think you’re important

You’d best think again

Or else be on the lookout

For little old men.

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He Avoids The Rain

The sunset cast the rain aglow
And the water burned with light.
The last flowers of Summer
And the first leaves of fall
Mingled in the rising wind
And the owl and the bluejay
Sang the first duet of the evening.

Somewhere down below
A man looks up at the harmony
And raises his umbrella.

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Not* an Indirect Rant Towards Someone Who Needs to Read This… A Lot

Most people I know are selfish;
Not greedy, just focused on “me.”
What they don’t understand is the concept
That there are other fish in the sea.

Moreover they try to persuade
By saying “this would help me a lot.”
But unless you’re in love or in debt
Help the other guy, your thing does not.

So think when you ask for a favor
“What is in it for them.”
It will deflate tour head for a while,
And from small heads do all good things stem.

*This absolutely is.

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