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Decisions, Decisions

The 363rd poem

On the 363rd day…

A fraction of them were worthwhile

And none were about a buffet.

Two poems plus this one to go

And two days plus this one to do it

And I come to my annual question:

Do one more year or just screw it?

Regardless of if I continue

I’ve plans to compile one more book

To hold in your hands or on Kindle

(Or, for the hipsters among us, on Nook).

So for the loyal day-one poem readers

And the followers who joined this year

And the peasants who just found this website

(Without whom I wouldn’t be here)

I wish you a good two days plus this one

And a fair bit of new-anum cheer

And know that whatever my decision

The quality will not improve.

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Yay! (Now What Do I Write)?

Several days ago

700 followers we hit.

I realize at self-promotion

I really am… Less than optimal.

Thank you for supporting

My daily slog of passion

And commenting to show love,

Not merely to cash in.

All 704 of you

Are deserving of praise and respect

For you have displayed great taste

And superior intellect.

Now that I’ve bribed you with kindness

(All of which is sincere, by the way)

I bid you good night ’til tomorrow

When I’m hopefully inspired again.

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May 25th

Sixty-one candles,

Two and a half beards

Celebrating your many,

Many, many, many years.
I wrote these stanzas

To know that you smiled.

Happy Birthday Mom

From your second-best child.

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