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Is This Just Uninspired Trash Or Some Sort Of Super-Roundabout-Yomama Joke Or What?

Folks sometimes yell

“Jesus Christ!” When they’re mad,

But what did Mary shout

When Jesus was bad?

I do have a theory

And, yes, it is lame

But when Jesus was bad

Mary shouted my name.

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Haven’t Done One Of These For A While…

All that glimmers

Is not blue.

It isn’t helpful

But its true.

Yes I’m tired;

You were right.

You are welcome,

And good night.

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I Just Rattled This One Off… Hope It Wasn’t Too Boa-ring!

The snake was made uncomfortable

And it gave a gasp.

You might say it experienced

A pain in the asp.

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I Had An Idea And I Ran With It… Please Don’t Sue Me

I read a headline today

About some medical supplements

Who killed a baker’s apprentice.

I couldn’t help but say “oh boy.”

What else can you say

When you read in the paper

A headline that says

“Pills bury dough boy.”

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A Toothache, A Pun, A Confession

Might a very good dentist

Be given a plaque

And to avoid getting fired

Have to give it back?

This evening I find

My mind is so blank

That’s my most poignant thought.

For your patience I thank.

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Yay! (Now What Do I Write)?

Several days ago

700 followers we hit.

I realize at self-promotion

I really am… Less than optimal.

Thank you for supporting

My daily slog of passion

And commenting to show love,

Not merely to cash in.

All 704 of you

Are deserving of praise and respect

For you have displayed great taste

And superior intellect.

Now that I’ve bribed you with kindness

(All of which is sincere, by the way)

I bid you good night ’til tomorrow

When I’m hopefully inspired again.

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Real Life With Travis T.

I watched a football game today,

Played a concert with my friends,

And changed the oil in my truck,

And with that this poem ends.

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Deja Ecris

You ever wake up at nine PM

And want to write away,

But the poem that fits perfectly

I already wrote yesterday?

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You Saw It Coming

An Easter Haiku,

‘Cause it’s obligatory.

Jesus. Bunny. Eggs.

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My Life Today

Sometimes one is inspired,
When in the morning he wakes,
To do and love and move and grow
And see the change he makes.

Other times that fellow
Awakens in the afternoon instead
And he writes a silly poem
Before going back to bed.

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