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Were I A Tiger

Were I a tiger in a cage

I think I would be filled with rage,

And when the humans gave me food

I’d return it, halfway chewed.

The human doctors would have a hunch

Why I refused to eat my lunch,

And they would come inside my pen,

And I’d enjoy the meat of men.

Were I a tiger, I’d be happy, yet

I’m not a tiger; I’m a vet.

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A Very Clean Poem

There once was a man who lived under a rock.

He liked to watch girls while he stroked his


Llama, which was small.  It had been born a runt,

And to top it all off, it had a misshapen


Ear,so the man talked to a vet, who said, “Tough luck.

Your llama’s deformed, and I don’t give a


Medicine normally for this sort of thang.

But this is a llama I would like to


Treat.”  And the vet left his the room and bid the man to sit.

The vet talked to his wife, then he knelt to lick her


Lollipop that she had frozen that morn.

Meanwhile, the llama’s owner watched some real dirty


Kids sit under trees, cedar and yew.

He thought “Those are children I really want to


Get to know better,” but decided against it.

Long story short, the llama got better, and did happily spit.


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