How The Free Market Works

There once was a guy who made gizmos.

It cost him a dollar for three,

And he sold them to shops for a dollar a piece

Which seems okay so far to me.

The shop where they resold the gizmos

Put the price tag as $2.99

But they were always on sale for $2.50

Which still isn’t crossing the line.

So you pay your five bucks for two gizmos

But the government steps in to say

“A five-dollar price is all very nice

“But $5.25’s what you must pay.”

So you fish out a quarter to augment

The price of the gizmos you bought

But found that the cash in your pocket

Was less than initially thought

Because for each dollar of paycheck

A dime and a quarter were taken

To pay for the people who make up the rules

That say “Taxes are good, you’re mistaken.”

So that’s why when I shop for gizmos

I go to the maker and say

“Here’s a buck for your thirty-cent gizmo”

And we smile and go on our way.


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