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But Seriously, Who Doesn’t Want To Do This At Least Once?

I think people would be happier

If once a day, for free,

They could take an eighteen-wheeler

Packed with TNT

And have a robot drive it

Into their neighbor’s chrysanthemum

But that’s very illegal

‘Cause the government is dumb.

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How The Free Market Works

There once was a guy who made gizmos.

It cost him a dollar for three,

And he sold them to shops for a dollar a piece

Which seems okay so far to me.

The shop where they resold the gizmos

Put the price tag as $2.99

But they were always on sale for $2.50

Which still isn’t crossing the line.

So you pay your five bucks for two gizmos

But the government steps in to say

“A five-dollar price is all very nice

“But $5.25’s what you must pay.”

So you fish out a quarter to augment

The price of the gizmos you bought

But found that the cash in your pocket

Was less than initially thought

Because for each dollar of paycheck

A dime and a quarter were taken

To pay for the people who make up the rules

That say “Taxes are good, you’re mistaken.”

So that’s why when I shop for gizmos

I go to the maker and say

“Here’s a buck for your thirty-cent gizmo”

And we smile and go on our way.

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Boy Howdy… I Mean, Um, They Howdy?

There once was a child from Gestalt

Who thought mean words equaled assault.

Someone said “You are male.”

Now that sayer’s in jail

And I ponder who’s really at fault.

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Modern Conveniences

While I’m on the road

I shop for ammo online.

Times aren’t all that bad!

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When You Didn’t Plan Your Day But You Still Have 2.5 Minutes To Write

Sometimes you drive

To somewhere about

The middle of nowhere

And you go without

Cellular service

Or the internet.

I’m on my way there

So this poem’s all you get.

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Type A Vs. Type Hey!

Some people spend their lives

Trying hard to do things right,

Making perfectly circular pizzas

And working through the night.

Other people live their lives

By doing what is fun

Though the pizza ends up looking

Like art the family dog has done.

Perfectionists unite, I say

And make the rocket ships

While the do-it-my-way folks

Make new flavors for the chips.

The harmony is perfect

Though perfectionists will glare

Because the have-some-funners

Smile back without a care.

But if the pizza’s spherical

Instead of round and flat

Take a bite: It tastes all right

And you’re the first to make it that!

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One Day

How often do people say

“There aren’t enough hours in a day”?

But imagine a moment there were:

Picture a day with unlimited hours

For the sweetest of meals and the hottest of showers,

A day without limits of what you can learn,

How hard you can play, how much you can earn,

A day you can retry as much as you like;

You can say something stupid or fall off your bike

Without any fear, any anger or sorrow

Because all who saw you are now in tomorrow

While you’re still enjoying a day with no end

Side by side with a lover, a parent, a friend.

Now what if this day that went on and on

Had many an evening and many a dawn

And seasons and fashions pass by as you walk

At a slow, steady pace with no thought of a clock,

And you had sunny weather and hail and snow

And famine and fortune and high things and low?

That day went so long you were gray in the hair

And your skin started sagging and you’re just halfway there

To the end of a day with no finish in sight,

Growing old, doing good, all the while feeling right.

You remember a detail you knew all along

About what will come when the long day is gone:

When you see the last touchdown and rise of the sun

You’ll not shed a tear that you only got one;

You’ll feel no envy for those who keep going

Because this whole day, your whole life, you’ve lived knowing

You have all the time you will need, so you say

“Thank you for a life lasting only one day.”

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Guess Who’s Done With Nerd School?

IDK about IP,

If DSL allows VoiP,

Or if I’ll get PTSD

From studying about IT.

IDC I got a B…

I still got a BS Degree

Now I can sit and watch TV

And feel no burning when I pee.

IDGAF about

Telnet, USB, or a SaaS cloud.

All that is behind me now,

Like CD Rom and WoW.

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Some people bought the story

Of pursuing fame and glory,

Of health and wealth and growing,

Running forward, never slowing.

I see those people every day,

Each burned out in their own way,

Faces lined by years and hassle;

I laugh inside my cardboard castle.

They are knights in shining armor,

Not satisfied to be a farmer,

Dying for causes another chose;

My armor is purple pillows.

They fight over feelings they never said,

Fighting a thought they’ve trapped in their head

For fear if people knew what they thought

They’d be revealed as someone not doing so hot.

I know I’m a no-one, and no I don’t care

As I play in my sandbox in fresh autumn air.

Maybe you mock me, but maybe you doubt;

After all, what if fun is what life’s all about?

What if the crusaders, celebrities, kings

Understand medals are just metal things?

What if they know, but their leisure depends

On you staying tired and having no friends?

Do you want to know if enough is enough,

If the pain doesn’t pay for the meaningful stuff?

Care to discover if your dreams can come true?

My castle has enough space to fit two…

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Meta: Because “Livestock.com” Was Already Taken

The zebras neighed appreciatively

As the keeper gave them feed,

Thinking that the keeper

Sought to fill their every need.

The keeper spread the hay around

Like he did every day

So the owners of the zoo would keep

On giving him his pay.

The owners of the zoo filled out

The keeper’s monthly check

Knowing that without him

The zoo would be a wreck.

The zebra’s didn’t know

They were a product to be used,

Nor the keeper that his purpose

Was to keep visitors amused,

But the owners knew implicitly

That if the keepers and the beasts

Learned they were important

The owners would have to stop their feasts.

So too when surfing internets

And spying on your friends

You’re given an experience

Where pleasure never ends

Not knowing that the feeding

Is to keep the product still,

To exercise no power,

And to do the keeper’s will.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t eat

But just to look and see

The reason billionaires can give

You all this stuff for free.

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