Just time

No space

I wait

I pace

Feel stuck

Lack grace

Hands sweat

Hearts race

Then I hear

And I see

There is light

I am free!

Break the lock

Lose the key

I was that

Now I’m me.

Walking forward

Trying to run

Out of the tomb

Into the sun

Losing all my chains

Shedding my orange jumpsuit

Body free of all my pains

I am a vine grown from a root

What do I have left to do

Now that I am set free

Will I look for you

Or look for me

In the sunlight

Who will I be

Am I alright

Is this good

Who am I

I’m a bird

Can I fly

Hands sweat

Feet walk

Eyes wide

Tongues talk

Girls run

Boys chase

Same time

New space


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