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Just time

No space

I wait

I pace

Feel stuck

Lack grace

Hands sweat

Hearts race

Then I hear

And I see

There is light

I am free!

Break the lock

Lose the key

I was that

Now I’m me.

Walking forward

Trying to run

Out of the tomb

Into the sun

Losing all my chains

Shedding my orange jumpsuit

Body free of all my pains

I am a vine grown from a root

What do I have left to do

Now that I am set free

Will I look for you

Or look for me

In the sunlight

Who will I be

Am I alright

Is this good

Who am I

I’m a bird

Can I fly

Hands sweat

Feet walk

Eyes wide

Tongues talk

Girls run

Boys chase

Same time

New space

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Don’t Question The Logic… Just Enjoy The Conclusion

I think that absolute proof

That a time machine exists

Is the fact that someone went back in time

And found a T-Rex

And said “Aww yeah… T-Rex….”

And then got eaten

And nobody has time traveled since.

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Our Turn

At wee early hour on the hills by my home

I’d knock on your door, heart a burning

To dance there with you

And the golden morning dew,

Giving thanks that the world keeps a turning.

When sun finally breaks, gold and heavy that morn

And we stride proud below sky a burning

I’ll feel like a king

With the first bud of the Spring

And give thanks that the world keeps a turning.

The sun at it’s apex, a blanket beneath,

And two lovers for picnic are yearning.

Her hair smooth as silk

They drink honey and the milk

In the garden of Earth, still a turning.

As years turn to lifetimes and bodies to dust

The couple does not cease their learning.

They lie, cold and still

And the two become the hill,

Still part of the world ever turning.

Remember the sunshine. Remember the lifetime.

Remember the sweet butter churning.

Remember the dawn

For someday the Earth will yawn

And together we’ll rest from the turning.

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I Did Plans D-ZZ For You… You’re Welcome

Sometimes you make a plan A, B, and C

But the world just is what it chooses to be

And while we can see it as a half-full cup

Sometimes it’s more fun just to mess some stuff up!

On somewhat of a tangent, I’m really keen

On the idea of making a time machine

That does a time loop, Groundhog Day style

And mess some stuff up for an infinite while.

You’re consequence-free for a lifetime or two,

Testing out various versions of you.

Don’t like the result of a particular day?

Just jump off a cliff and try a new way!

And if you are sad knowing this isn’t real,

Believe me, I get it! I know how you feel…

So think of it this way (This gets kinda heady)

You’ve been in and finished a time loop already.

You’ve lived endless lives of the same day again

And you’ve kissed all the ladies and shot all the men

And learned Japanese and solved nuclear fusion

And finally came to a stunning conclusion:

With infinite time, with no way to fail,

With no threat of death, embarrassment, jail

Your life loses meaning if you only win it

So you used your last time loop to think for a minute,

Inventing a button that made time go back

To a day at a time, with a total lack

Of memory concerning your endless days

Of repeating your time in all different ways.

You’ve already learned that making mistakes

Is sometimes exactly what happiness takes,

But if you still need to shoot a TV

To burn some frustration, that’s alright by me!

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One Day

How often do people say

“There aren’t enough hours in a day”?

But imagine a moment there were:

Picture a day with unlimited hours

For the sweetest of meals and the hottest of showers,

A day without limits of what you can learn,

How hard you can play, how much you can earn,

A day you can retry as much as you like;

You can say something stupid or fall off your bike

Without any fear, any anger or sorrow

Because all who saw you are now in tomorrow

While you’re still enjoying a day with no end

Side by side with a lover, a parent, a friend.

Now what if this day that went on and on

Had many an evening and many a dawn

And seasons and fashions pass by as you walk

At a slow, steady pace with no thought of a clock,

And you had sunny weather and hail and snow

And famine and fortune and high things and low?

That day went so long you were gray in the hair

And your skin started sagging and you’re just halfway there

To the end of a day with no finish in sight,

Growing old, doing good, all the while feeling right.

You remember a detail you knew all along

About what will come when the long day is gone:

When you see the last touchdown and rise of the sun

You’ll not shed a tear that you only got one;

You’ll feel no envy for those who keep going

Because this whole day, your whole life, you’ve lived knowing

You have all the time you will need, so you say

“Thank you for a life lasting only one day.”

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Arrive At Five Bro

When you drive to pick her up

And leave at 4:15

She says she’ll be ready in 10 minutes

But we the wise have seen

That when a woman tells you

When she’ll be ready is the same

As the way the measure how long’s left

At the end of a football game.

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There was a time without taxes,

A time without corporate spying,

And if you believe the Bible there was

A time without even dying.

But one timeless thing that has always been

Through every era and age

Is that no gym will ever show

Non-promotional prices on their front page.

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But It Won’t… So There

Tonight I watched a movie

That made me cry

About an awkward redhead

Who can travel through time.

He learned that living every day

As if it is your last

Is the key to perfect happiness,

Not reliving the past.

Unlike awkward redhead dude

I can’t control the ages,

Can’t redo my past mistakes

Or rewrite history’s pages.

What I can do that others can’t

Is make the time you spend

Be used to wish my poetry

Would finally freakin’ end.

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Watch Out

There once was a clock on a wrist

That one day became rather pissed.

It said “Time isn’t real,

“So how does that feel?”

Now it is for sale on Craigslist.

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Perchance to Dream

She was a girl too much alive for breathing,

Not more than an imaginary friend.

She met a man resentful of existence

For not obeying his command to bend.

She traded skins one hour in an evening

To walk among the mortals so beneath her

While the uncreative man whose shell she conquered

Took a stroll among the heavens, robed in ether.

The woman learned the pain of being solid

And how the road at night can smell of pine.

The man learned how to be imaginary

And why a drop of sunlight chose to shine.

And when the 60 minutes finished ticking

On a clock men made to solve the question, “when?”

The woman disappeared again forever

And the man awoke to be himself again.

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