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That Climax Be Like…

There was a bomb on main street

Set to blow at 5:08

I pulled up at 5:14

Because the traffic made me late.

I had only seconds left

Before the bomb blew me away

An hour later ’twas defused

And I, the hero, saved the day!

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I’m trying to attract more visitors

To this little blog o’ mine,

And, as you’d say to a stranger,

“Everything’s going fine.”
That said, with all the interest

On riots and anarchy,

I thought I’d write a poem

For those in national security.
Bomb, plastic explosives,

Terrorism, June.

Do not fly to Baltimore.

Tomorrow night at noon.
[Unintelligible string of letters].

Shoe bombs and bomb swallowers.

That should give me some new views

(And maybe a few new followers).

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