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There once was a comic detective

Who had a unique bat perspective.

He had gadgets and jokes

‘Til the Hollywood folks

Said “Do more, but the fun is defective.”

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Writer’s Strike or Poetic Justice?

I’m not sure which is better:

That Hollywood is on strike

Because computers can do their job better

And that they do not like

And now we won’t have any more

Reboots, remakes, or sequels?

Or that we finally see mindless machines

As movie writers’ equals?

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Avatar, And The Poet Who Just Emerged From His Rock

There once was a billion-dollar movie

About some blue guys who were groovy.

I watched it tonight

And now I’ve seen the light

And I’m up to date with 2005. (Woohoo vee).

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After I Die, This Blog Will Be Considered The Highest Of Art

I watched “Everything Everywhere All At Once”

And all I can think about now

Is that a movie that makes less sense than my poems

Won seven Oscars somehow…

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Predicting the Future

The year was 2055

And Disney was somehow still alive.

Their greatest writer stood and said

“What if Black Panther was white instead?”

And coast to coast the people caved

As bloggers whined and critics raved

And I, at 60 years, just sat

Rewatching Shrek, and that was that.

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Yes, This Poem Is Meaningless. That’s The Point (Or Is It? bum Bum BUUUUUUUUUUM!!!)

There once was a fellow name Mao

And nobody’s quite certain how

Without any trepidation

He subverted expectation

And that’s how you Hollywood now.

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Yeah, It’s Annoying, Isn’t It! (My Next Poem Will Be Split Into Two Posts For Length)

There once was a cinematic sequel

With a cliffhanger end like no equal.

The heroes were shocked

When the villain they mocked

Turned out to be…

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He Was All Willful And Majestic And Got Reunited With His Human Friend…

Tonight we watched a movie

About a very macho horse.

Was it a beautiful film? Yes!

And an excuse for a short poem? Of course!

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Relationship Goals

“Hey girl”, I texted.

“What’s up?” She replied.

Then I flashed back to the first three minutes of Pixar’s masterpiece, “Up”

And inevitably cried.

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Because “You’re Beautiful Just The Way You Are, And The Right Man Will Love You Forever” Is A Bigoted, Misogynist Message

Pixie dust and fairy farts,

Princess hair and fey Walmarts:

Some came from a movie I loved as a kid.

The others are movies that Disney just did.

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