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The Cat In The Lap

‘Twas a quiet day in the house

And a good day to be a mouse

For as the sly poet tried to come up with crap

The cat on the floor flew onto his lap.

“Hello there kitty,” the poet did shout

As the cat proceeded to let its hair all fall out.

The poet spoke more and stroked it’s blonde fur,

And the cat licked itself and mumbled a purr.

Then the poet’s appointment, confirmed as it was,

Took precedence over the self-licking fuzz. 

And so he departed, and the cat in the lap

Lay down in his sheddings for his apathy nap.

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Enough With The Predators!

Lions, tigers, bears, oh my.

These are sports teams, yes, but why

Isn’t there a team named after

An animal that inspires laughter?

Chicago Squid? Seattle Seagulls?

New York Newts? Boston Beagles?

Who wants to see the ducklings hit it!

I sure so! I just don’t get it.


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