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My Limerick Live-Stream

There once was a poet from WA

Who flew this morning to CA.

He rode in car

And it’s been good so far.

Also, he’s tired. HaHA!

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My Quirks Are Adorable

I wear a pair of rubber gloves

When I do the dishes.

I wear a napkin on my lap

When I’m eating fishes.

I wear a suit with leather shoes

When I’m feeling dapper,

So why can’t I dress like a clown

When I’m on the crapper?

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The Cat In The Lap

‘Twas a quiet day in the house

And a good day to be a mouse

For as the sly poet tried to come up with crap

The cat on the floor flew onto his lap.

“Hello there kitty,” the poet did shout

As the cat proceeded to let its hair all fall out.

The poet spoke more and stroked it’s blonde fur,

And the cat licked itself and mumbled a purr.

Then the poet’s appointment, confirmed as it was,

Took precedence over the self-licking fuzz. 

And so he departed, and the cat in the lap

Lay down in his sheddings for his apathy nap.

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That Time When You Flew

Helicopters come and go,
Planes take off and land.
Passengers arrive who do not know
That liquids and gels are banned.

Luggage is checked, and backgrounds too.
Personal items are stowed.
Some poor guy who’s flying back
Finds out his car was towed.

Flight attendants welcome you
And give a safety spiel.
A can of juice and pretzel mix
Will be your evening meal.

Now far from home you have arrived
At where planes take off and land,
And you find the luggage that you checked
Did not arrive as planned.

You take a cab to your hotel
Where everything’s in place,
From hygiene stuff in plastic wrap
To art that’s in your face.

You stay a week and do your job
(Or relax. That’s ok too).
And then come home to talk about
That one time when you flew.

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