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Inboxes Be Like…

Hello [Your name misspelled here],

I’m a guy from some website

You visited four years ago

Saying thanks, unless you’re white.

We wanted to inform you

That our service will be paused

To recognize black people

And the trouble they’ve been caused.

We stand in solidarity

With those whose darker skin

Displays they may be poor in wealth

But rich in melanin.

Our shipping will be slower

And our prices will be hiked

To ensure our social media

Is adequately liked.

This is us reminding you

That love will conquer fear.

Also, they burned our storefront down

So please support us here.

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Today Poetry Turned Out To Be  a Useful Life Skill! (Kind Of)

Backstory: I’ve been in touch with a graphic designer. It’s taken a few weeks for her to send me designs, and her emails hadn’t shown up in my inbox. When asked my opinion of the work I whipped out my poetic prowess and replied… 

In neither spam nor inbox

Did the message you sent go.

Where it came from I am certain.

Where it went to, I don’t know.

The message’s presence may bring joy.

It’s absence truly doesn’t,

So if sending seemed like a success

I assure you that it wasn’t.

Now isn’t that more fun than please send it again?”

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