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The Rhyme’s The Thing

You may assume that you are right

If this verbage seems erudite,

But past the splendorous facade

The verisimilitude is not so odd.

Betwixt this linguist’s obfuscation

Surmise his true preoccupation;

To force the same phonemic core

Between line past and line before.

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Huh? Sounds Good!

Clamp, crumple, jumble, clash.

Plump, pilfer, globule, brash.

Dimwit, sphincter, clasping, plinked.

This poem means nothing, but it sure sounds distinct!

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Knight Time Thoughts

Perchance thee may have noticed
By coincidence or choice
That those who penned auld english
May have just had a lispy voice,

For whosoever speaketh
In a way that soundeth so-eth
Makes any present participle
With the “th” phoneme groweth.

Perhaps that just be-eth my inkling,
Yet verily ringeth of truth.
I’ve spake my bit, and leaveth now
With a flutter and forsooth.

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