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Who Needs Memory Anyway?

“Clumps of dainty silver bones

Mixed amidst the silent stones

Are bathed not in blood or tears

But in the light of yesteryears.”

I don’t know the meaning of that verse,

If it be blessing or a curse,

But it’s tattooed on my forehead

Which is why I no longer drink before bed.

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How I Greet New Neighbors

Like an inexpensive cut of meat

Stewed for many a lukewarm hour

You’re welcome when sold on my street

But far less welcome in my shower.

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What I See After The Vegetarian Buffet

Lucid wall of rusty bricks…

Placid bolt of melted meat…

Suit all made of candle wicks…

What the heck did I just eat?

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Fishing Scams

I got a suspicious email

From Prince Magbar of Venezuasia

Saying “want to go fishing this Sunday?”

You can’t let emails like that faze ya.

I got another message

A week after the first.

“Dear friend, I must give you money

“Or I fear my spleen will burst.”

I finally blocked his messages

To no longer get that spam,

But only moments later

I questioned who I am

To deny a man with money-spleen

From going fishing with his dear friend.

I replied, guiltily, and we met by the lake

Where he tore out and ate my lungs. The end!

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If You’re Really Curious About The Consequences Though…

Never chew your eyebrows off.

“Why would I?” You surely scoff.

“And also how?” You’ll likely say.

If you so choose you’ll find a way.

Thus my warning: Please don’t try.

For this you’re welcome. Now good bye!

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Happy 3.6630137th Anniversary! (Give or Take)

Yesterday I got a badge

From my blog on WordPress here

That said “you’ve made 1,337 posts.”

Of that I’m glad to hear.

I wonder about the programmer

Who came up with that badge though.

Why 1,337 is so important…

Will we ever really know?

Sure, there is 1,000.

There is 2,000 too.

1,500, 999, or even 2,002.

But 1,337

Was the number this guy chose.

Well, thanks for sticking with me

And sharing moments just like those!

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Huh? Sounds Good!

Clamp, crumple, jumble, clash.

Plump, pilfer, globule, brash.

Dimwit, sphincter, clasping, plinked.

This poem means nothing, but it sure sounds distinct!

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