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I drew a little stickman

Sitting in a tree

Holding a banana

And my friend said “Chimpanzee.”

I made the stickman hairier

And made his muscles big

And made his nose look stubby

And my friend said “Chimpanzee?”

I made stickman hold a lady

And stand on a skyscraper

And the light in my friend’s eyes turned on

And he said “Big chimpanzee.”

Then I pointed at the picture

And gestured for a while,

Drew the same picture again

And my friend began to smile

And as the sand fell from the timer

He sat up straight and tall

And said “That is Godzilla,”

So I threw him through a wall.

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He drew a pair of tentacles

And a rocket on its side

With a pair of spiny barnacles

Beneath a grey-black sky.

Barry shouts “it’s patriotism,”

And Andy says “That’s it!”

The rest of us just sit and stare,

And Laura says “well, shit.”

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