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I walk among
the snowy trees
Enveloped by
a chilling breeze.
I see a moose
among the arbors
And wonder what
secrets it harbors.

I brush my hand
against the branches
And remember a war
fought in the tranches.
The bullets flew,
The blood rained red
‘Til everyone but me
Was dead.

So I look at the moose
Who’ll never fight
A war he don’t
Believe is right.
I envy him,
The big dumb deer,
And I know I’ll live
My life out here,

Never alone
Among the trees.
I’ll always have
The memories.

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The Field That Is Us

It’s beautiful, this field,
With grass as high as your knees.
Soft and green
Swaying gently in a breeze
As warm as my love’s embrace.

We met here as children.
In the end she’d be my wife.
We trampled flowers, frightened birds
And swore eternal love to life
And each other.

Twelve years later we returned,
Twice as old and just as free.
She wanted to make love,
And I fell to one knee
And told her to wait a bit longer.

The wedding came, intimate,
With guests totaling eleven.
It rained and we cried
In joy, in love, in heaven.
There was a rainbow before the sunset.

I return sixty years later
Driving down the road unpaved.
It rains again as I kneel
And lay a flower on her grave
In the field that is us.

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Serious Black

My name’s Lashawn,

And I ain’t funny.

I think animals are cute:

I have a pet bunny.

I named it rabbit,

‘Cause that’s accurate.

I don’t hit people with chairs.

Instead, in them I sit.


If you pick a fight with me

On a moonless Autumn night,

I’ve got a serious advantage

‘Cause I blend in with darkness (I’m not white).

I believe in doing things

Without a sense of humor.

If you don’t find this funny ’cause it’s racially insensitive,

I hope you get a tumor.



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Why do we condemn those who are angry?

Are they not simply being honest with us?

Why do we condemn those who are slothful?

It’s a pity more people don’t ignore the world’s fuss.


Why do we condemn others for greed or envy?

Are those not what motivates us to succeed?

Why do we condemn others for gluttony or lust,

When our species survives by fulfilling these needs.


And why do we condemn anyone for their pride?

Why is humility praised above truth?

Why, when we tell others of achievements and actions

They think we are sinful, uncouth.


In this world full of sinners, there are only two sins

That are unforgivable to me.

The first is to harm, out of of malice or not.

The other is not to be free.


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