When Her Eyes Met Mine

My eyes are sort of brownish

Like a car that no one bought,

But there’s a girl I see in class

Whose eyes I like a lot;

They’re greener than a vegan’s lawn

And bright as stars above,

And when I look into their depths

I fall deeper in love.

I asked a dear old friend of mine

How I can show I care.

He told me to make eye contact

And all would flow from there,

And so I took my glasses off

And walked up, feeling fine

And took her head into my hands

And pressed her eyes to mine.

Well I can’t say I had success…

Can’t say it helped my vision…

All I can say’s my friend’s advice

Got me locked up in prison.

But on a side almost as bright

As her eyes’ emerald hue

She said a lot of words to me

And that’s a dream come true!

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