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When Her Eyes Met Mine

My eyes are sort of brownish

Like a car that no one bought,

But there’s a girl I see in class

Whose eyes I like a lot;

They’re greener than a vegan’s lawn

And bright as stars above,

And when I look into their depths

I fall deeper in love.

I asked a dear old friend of mine

How I can show I care.

He told me to make eye contact

And all would flow from there,

And so I took my glasses off

And walked up, feeling fine

And took her head into my hands

And pressed her eyes to mine.

Well I can’t say I had success…

Can’t say it helped my vision…

All I can say’s my friend’s advice

Got me locked up in prison.

But on a side almost as bright

As her eyes’ emerald hue

She said a lot of words to me

And that’s a dream come true!

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A Trainer’s Life

I was taking a walk

Down route 123

When I saw you

Turn and look towards me.
As our eyes met

It was just like they said,

Like an exclamation point

Flashed over your head
And then you walked toward me

And called through the air:

“I like shorts! They’re comfy

And easy to wear.”
And then you attacked me

With your slave-monster pets.

I took all your money

And I have no regrets
Because I’m the greatest

Like no figure in lore.

That’s why you don’t

Make eye contact anymore.

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Absent That Familiar Twinkle

I caught her eye and blinked

In a way I meant to mean

“I appreciate your presence

And willingness to be seen.”
She blinked back in return

That said unmistakably

“I’ve seen you ’round these parts before.

Please stop following me.”

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