Famous Last Words from History

Long ago, when Earth was young

And Blockbuster was a thing

My girlfriend wanted me to find

A Pixar film to bring

So we might watch a family film

Where balloons can lift a house

Because we already saw the ones

With Toys and the gourmet mouse.

So I left home that evening

O’er icy roads to see

If the Blockbuster Video

Would rent us ‘Up’ on DVD.

All was fine at first

Until I parked and stepped outside

At which point I took quite a spill

And eventually I died…

My final act was calling

My beloved on my cell

As I saw the tunnel fill with light

And started off to Hell:

“Hey honey, this is Jeremy.

“You’d best put down your cup.

“I just wanted to let you know

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get ‘Up.'”

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