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Sorry Fellow Libra…

When I was born the doctor said

“Your son may never speak.

“His tongue is all misshapen,

“His entire body weak.

My parents only smiled and laughed

As they rode home on the bus

Saying “At least that doctor

“Wasn’t talking to us!”


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Wizard, Meet Rogue

He said he had a magic trick

That always would impress.

He told me to pick any card

So I picked his American Express.

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BTW I’m Not Jewish

She lay beside me

Still in her white dress.

My mouth was alight in her taste.

Her skin was like russet.

Her body was slender

From tip-to-tip, straight in the waist.

She was my fantasy,

Food on my table,

Sustaining me all through the day.

So although it is weird

To put a dress on bacon

I do it ’cause she is my bae.

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National Geographic Vs. HBO

I hear the pitter-patter

Of the children’s tiny feet,

See them playing in the forest

Despite the sultry August heat.

They run and sing so happily.

They live without a care.

They’ll fill my belly nicely

‘Cause %^*# you, I’m a bear.

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The Real Darkness Approaches…

Once a year we celebrate

The gruesome and bizarre,

The stuff that gives clowns nightmares

And makes wolves hide under cars.

We make light of the horrific,

Let go the values we hold dear…

We call this celebration “tax day”

And it’ll come in half a year.

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The Spectacle

Some are pointing,

Some are staring,

But not a person

Is not caring.

“Who’s that guy?”

The women question.

The men ask for

Workout suggestions.

But as I look,

Trying not to leer,

I simply ask

“Why the mirrors here?”

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You’re The Only One

When I look at you

I see the stars in your eyes,

Round and full of love

And the same blue as the sky’s.

I see your lips, so ruby red

That whisper sweet lies

And I know you’re the only one.

Your hair is like a waterfall

Caressing my cheek.

The joy I feel around you

Makes my eyes spring a leak.

If I could only find the words

I know that I’d speak

To tell you you’re the only one.

You’re the only one

Who brings color to my world,

Who’s cooler than the winter

And more lovely than the fall.

The only one so beautiful

I cannot believe

That I feel no attraction at all.

You have an angel’s heart

And a siren’s sweet voice.

My apathy towards you

Cannot be by choice.

Maybe it has to do

With how you say “nice” as “noice.”

Whatever reason, you’re the only one.

You might just be an angel

Spreading joy to the land

The light of the world flowing

From the palm of your hand.

In spite of your perfection

You simply must understand

That you’re literally the only one.

The only one that leaves me

Feeling dry in my pants,

Uninspired to sing

And unwilling to dance.

You’re like an inconsistent meter

From one stanza to the next,

Which perhaps is why, from me,

You always will go un-sexed.

You’re the only one

To walk across a fire for me.

You’re maybe my only true love,

Destined for all time is you and me.

And so as this song/poem

Finds itself so near it’s end

Know that literally everyone turns me on

But you’re the only “just a friend.”

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