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The Truly Special Snowflake

I’m walking through the winter sky,

A bit if H2O,

Uniquely changed by hardship to

A tiny flake of snow.

My life is but a moment long,

But soft and cool and free.

My heart will always be cold as ice

So yours won’t have to be.

The mighty citadels of clouds

Are signs of what I was,

But I don’t mind departing, for

It’s what a snowflake does

So a kid at the windowsill

Will see me, clear and bright

And now that for a while still

The world will be alright.

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The Silent Poet: This Is Why We Hibernate…

Amidst the misty morning,

Atop the naïve snow,

The thin white wind blew, chilly,

‘Neath sun’s unearthly glow.

The living glass of needles

Lay beneath the stalwart fir

And I, the bear, thought all this

But, alas, could only say “grr.”

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Snow Days

Today I tried to do nothing.

I stayed in bed all day.

I didn’t eat or drink or poop

Or breathe or sweat or pray.

I avoided salivating 

And I didn’t leave my room.

I didn’t shower so my odor

Now surrounds me in a plume.

I didn’t read or watch TV.

I didn’t surf the net.

I did not look out the window

And I didn’t feed my pet.

I neglected all life’s naggings

And engaged in nary a vice

And if tomorrow’s snowy also,

Well, I just might do it twice!

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Powdery snow flakes
‘Neath my six-foot plastic feet.
Praying for my life.

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North Dakota

Snow meanders from the sky,
Frozen water from up high.
It makes the children feel alive,
Enrages those who have to drive.

The snow is one foot deep, then two.
Sleds come out, and ice skates too.
Men and angels made of snow
Play with the children from below.

And all alone one child cries
As he comes to realize
That Californian girls and boys
Don’t get to share these little joys.

Then he gets comfort from his Dad.
Guess North Dakota’s not that bad.

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