They DO Hoard Gold And Love Princesses…

Today a friend was stalking me

Online (with my permission)

And came upon this blog o’ mine

(A most unwise decision)

And as we got to talking

She inspired me to write

A poem about dragons,

Thus my topic for tonight!

But what about a dragon

Would amuse a reader new?

Perhaps my thoughts on bacon

From a dragon’s point of view!

For if I were a dragon

And consumed my daily meat

I’d think a dragon with good taste

Would think bacon’s a treat…

But how’s a mighty villain

Who’s as hateful as he’s big

Going to get the finest strippings

Of the kingdom’s finest pig?

Now, I am not a dragon

(Through no fault of mine… I’m trying!)

And so thinking with a dragon’s mind’s

As likely as pigs flying,

And since there is no evidence

That dragons found a way

To eat sufficient bacon

To make problems go away

I came to the conclusion

That I think must ring true-ish…

Dragons don’t eat bacon,

Therefore dragons must be Jewish!

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