Ever Have That Dream That Happens Over and Over? Yeah…

So today my poem

Is autobiographical,

But that doesn’t mean it’s boring

Nor that it is bull…

I got up at 6:00 AM

And worked for 9 long hours,

After which I got undressed

For three back-to-back showers.

During shower number three

My brain turned on a sec

And instead of thinking, “Ooh, warm water”

It thought “Oh shoot! Oh heck!

“I was supposed to take a test

“That’s due at 5:00 PM!”

It thus proceeded to haw

And also, a bit, to hem.

Well, I expect to get a C

In the class who test I missed,

But instead of being angry, angsty,

Nervous, sad, or pissed

I decided to look on

The sunny side of life:

I know my dreams can come true now!

Now who’s that with my wife…?

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