Instead of “Happily Ever After”, Say This

In almost every fairy tale

Before Disney went woke

Someone would be destitute…

Good-looking, yes, but broke.

Someone else would come along

And always do what’s right

And the two of them would marry

And ride off into the night.

The question that arises

But that Disney still ignores

Is how “Happily ever after”

Can coexist with chores,

How princesses and monsters

And kings and queens and knights

Can say that they are happy

Despite their many fights,

That life keeps getting in their way

And still they smile on,

Breathing fire in the evening

Yet they’re safe again at dawn.

These fairy tales could have said

“And from then on the chose

“Always to be partners

“Even when they felt like foes.”

But instead, soon I suspect

Disney will say “Though rage

“Occasionally dampened their spirits,

“They were saved by a higher minimum wage.”

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