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At The Drei Goods Store

I met an old man born in 1919,

A genuine centenarian.

He was burdened with many a bag

So I helped the man with some carryin’.

His bags were filled with red cabbage

And I asked “Are you vegetarian?”

Turns out he fought in World War II;

He was a veteran aryan.

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Elegy For My Youthful Vigor

‘Tis late! ‘Tis late!

‘Tis nearly dark!

I really should be snoring.

You say “it’s fine,”

But it’s nearly 9:00

And, oh my God, I’m boring!

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Growing Up

The human-style animals
Are the happiest animals on four legs.
Look around and you will see it’s true.
Yet the casual observer
May see a change in disposition
In those humanoids who walk around on two.

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