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Talking to the Recruiter

What’s the best job in the army?

It’s Minesweeping, they say;

You do everything right for years

Then your problems go away.

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The Funny Bone (Danger: Puns)

It was the annual pickup game

At the Summer Camp for bones,

And the kids paid rapt attention

To a spine named Mr. Jones.


“I’d like to introduce you,”

They heard Mr. Jones declare,

“To a new bone.  His name’s humerus.”

Applause caressed the air.


“So are you funny?” Ulna asked,

Always one for the obvious question.

Humerus told the only joke he knew

About a small intestine.


Radius laughed politely

But the jawbone din’t move,

And the ribs agreed that joking

Did not his personality behoove.


And so the game began,

And balls were thrown and kicked,

And when it came to choosing teams

Humerus was the last bone to be picked.


It turned out that poor Humerus

Came off as much too smarmy,

So he hired some local muscle

And left to join the army.

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