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How Board Games Are Made

No one’s shouted “Uno”
In what seems like years.
No one’s held my colorful cards
And laughed and spilled their beers.

No one’s read house rules
Or over my manual pored,
And while I am a card game
I’m starting to get bored.

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When life is dull and boring,

And your mind is full of snoring,

And your sanity has lost it’s mooring,

We turn to solitaire.


It’s a stupid little game

Of cards. though having fame

The hobby is still rather lame.

The hobby of solitaire.


And now I’ll announce this:

(Correct me if I miss)

No one has fun in the abyss

Of desperation called solitaire?


Maybe when you were five,

And the game was so alive!

So fresh and new, the jive!

The jive of solitaire.


And so this poem ends.

Did it have a point? Depends

On how your viewpoint bends.

Now I’m leaving, for solitaire.

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How to Enhance your Boredom

Every now and agin,

When entertainment is thin,

We human beings get bored.

But why must it be

That if bored are we

We cannot have fun?  Oh my lord!


For instance if you’ll

Be bored in a pool

That means you’re water board.

And if you find eating dull,

And your food brings a lull,

Then alternatively, you’re fodder bored.


If you’re bored with computers

And can’t define transmuters

Chances are you’re circuit board.

And if you want to have sex,

But you’re bored and depressed,

Go ahead and just furk it bored.


When you go on a sailboat

You’re boarding a ship.

When your date is boring

Just give them the slip.

If you’re on rollers or ice

You could be skate board,

And if you cannot be early,

Be late bored!


And finally if a lion

Who live out in Zion

Whose name is Ford, has roared,

Then it’s quite possible

That specific sort of dull

Is to be as lion Ford roared bored!

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