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Political Philosophy 101

Sometimes a thought

Is not what it ought,

A fact that, alas, you can’t change.

But type it in bold

And voila! Behold

It’s still pointless, but I had you going for a while.


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‘Ow Ore-ible!

I said I was her rock,

Her anchor, her wall.

She sold me to a mining company.

Alas, that is all.


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Haven’t Done One Of These For A While…

All that glimmers

Is not blue.

It isn’t helpful

But its true.

Yes I’m tired;

You were right.

You are welcome,

And good night.

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You Expected A Rhyme? I Expected A Nurturing Home Environment. Ha!

If you’re the type of person

Who’d name their child “Splorch”

I want to meet you

Because my name is Splorch

And my parents left me

When I was young

And you’re probably them.

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Oh, Also I’m Sick

Sitting on a bus

Waiting to go home.

I don’t feel creative at all.

The driver is gone.

If this moment were art

It’d be the plain red stripe on a hotel wall.

Dogs are pretty.

Pretties are not always dogs.

If you thought you’d be happy

With this poem’s conclusion

Reread the first two lines.

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Now There’s A Joke!


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Hint: I’m Burning The American Southeast In Effigy

It’s my birthday.

The Seahawks lost.

You may or may not draw

An accurate conclusion

Of my happiness (or lack thereof)

Based on that information.

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