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Three Stupid Little Poems That You May Or May Not Enjoy

“Tough Stough”

They’re was once a person

Who said that life is though.

I think life was thougher for him

Because he was dumb, yo.


“Follow Your Dreams”

It’s hard being a teenage mom.

I’m really not a fan,

But I think I have it harder

Given I’m a middle-aged man.


“Find Yourself”

Iodine fluorine

Yttrium ununoctium

Calcium nitrogen

Rhenium astatine

Thorium iodine sulfur

Yttrium ununoctium

Argon rhenium

Uranium neodysium erbium

Tungsten oxygen krypton dysprosium oxygen


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Political Philosophy 101

Sometimes a thought

Is not what it ought,

A fact that, alas, you can’t change.

But type it in bold

And voila! Behold

It’s still pointless, but I had you going for a while.

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‘Ow Ore-ible!

I said I was her rock,

Her anchor, her wall.

She sold me to a mining company.

Alas, that is all.


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Haven’t Done One Of These For A While…

All that glimmers

Is not blue.

It isn’t helpful

But its true.

Yes I’m tired;

You were right.

You are welcome,

And good night.

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You Expected A Rhyme? I Expected A Nurturing Home Environment. Ha!

If you’re the type of person

Who’d name their child “Splorch”

I want to meet you

Because my name is Splorch

And my parents left me

When I was young

And you’re probably them.

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Oh, Also I’m Sick

Sitting on a bus

Waiting to go home.

I don’t feel creative at all.

The driver is gone.

If this moment were art

It’d be the plain red stripe on a hotel wall.

Dogs are pretty.

Pretties are not always dogs.

If you thought you’d be happy

With this poem’s conclusion

Reread the first two lines.

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Now There’s A Joke!


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