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How Much Would You Cry If You Had 17 Eyes?

There are ten-quintillion insects

In the world, we estimate

Who deal daily with the fact

They’re objects of our hate.

They’ve never read a poem

And they’ve never seen a play

And we just go and murder them

As they go about their day.

Lots of people say things:

“Love your neighbor,” “Peace not war,”

But they don’t even bat an eye

When vacuuming their floor.

I think when we begin to care

For the welfare of bugs

Humanity will finally see

The real value of hugs.

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The Inverted Cockroach Speaks Out

I’m lying on the floor

Rocking back and forth

And sobbing

But no one stops

Or offers sympathy.

Racist A**holes.

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He Looks Just Like You

I’ve got a crippling fear of insects,

But that’s not much of an issue

Since I work inside a hospital

In the birthing ward.

From time to time, an ugly baby

Will burst forth into my view.

I’ll say “oh look, he’s cute as a bug,”

‘Cause it’s honest and I’m bored.


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Death to All Insects

Ugh! A bug!
I gave it a hug
From my heavy-duty, carbon-fiber swatter.

Another is spied,
And I can’t conceal my pride
‘Cause my darling saw the second bug and shot ‘er.

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