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You Have 6,029 New Messages

Have you ever made a comment

On a Facebook post and seen

It explode into the biggest thing

Since someone refried a bean?

For the next ten days your inbox

Says a bunch of strangers think

It’ll be fantastic

(Except Manuel, who wants it to stink).

You try to send it all to spam.

You turn notifications off,

But the post keeps drawing comment

And the Universe does scoff.

You know it won’t be ending soon,

And all you can do is wait.

I commented on a post like that.

In fact, I did on eight…

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That Was Almost Disastrous

It’s been awhile 

Since a poem of mine

Has been forgotten

‘Til 7:09.
What can I say?

It’s been one of those days

How sorry am I?

Let me count the ways.
I guess that I’m sorry

This poem’s half-baked.

OK, I’m done.

My sarcasm is slaked.
Thanks all for reading,

Especially y’all in New York.

I’m going to sleep now.

Yours truly, a dork.

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He Looks Just Like You

I’ve got a crippling fear of insects,

But that’s not much of an issue

Since I work inside a hospital

In the birthing ward.

From time to time, an ugly baby

Will burst forth into my view.

I’ll say “oh look, he’s cute as a bug,”

‘Cause it’s honest and I’m bored.


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Rhetorical Answers

If the world ends tomorrow
Then the world won’t end today.
If you have more rhetorical questions
Please make them go away.

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