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I’m Writing This During A Commercial Break

Good looking people

Talking to each other.

Man is an idiot

Who experiences a bother.

Woman corrects her counterpart

Via the featured service or good.

Be a good ad writer?

Yes, I think I would 

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What A Ruffled Life He Lays

The sound of screaming guitars

And the smell of burning tires

A flash of purple lightning

And your flavor on my lips,

A lightness in my beating heart

Merges with everburning fires

As my vision fades to black

And I see my life is a commercial for chips.

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Winding mountain pass.

A deep voice talks about specs.

Gotta buy that Porsche.
There’s a friendly man

Succeeding at basic tasks.

Nope, just kidding. Lol!
That weird moment when

You’re watching some late night crap

And think “I need that.”

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