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Think About The Bulimic Market Though!

First they made potatoes,

Then they made potato chips

Which were the same but thinner

And were prone to chap one’s lips.

Then they thought, “What if we

“Made these taste like spoiled fruit?”

Thus born was “Salt and Vinegar,”

And thus rose the chip’s repute.

“That went well,” the people said

And so they made new flavors

Like “Sour Cream and Onion”

And “Tasteless” (For the savers).

They made the chips organic,

They made them hot and cold,

They covered them in who-knows-what,

And still, somehow, they sold,

But you now dare to tell me

That my product is a waste?

Who wouldn’t want to purchase chips

Called “Orange Juice and Toothpaste?”

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What A Ruffled Life He Lays

The sound of screaming guitars

And the smell of burning tires

A flash of purple lightning

And your flavor on my lips,

A lightness in my beating heart

Merges with everburning fires

As my vision fades to black

And I see my life is a commercial for chips.

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Buying Lays

Money’s not a good way

To get her in the sack,

But it’s pretty darn effective

If you want to buy a snack. 



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