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…Ya Know?

Chevy is the At&T of cars.

Polos are the Taylor Swift of shirts.

Venus is the Uranus of Mars.

Shorts are the frozen waffles of skirts.

Mondays are the Youtube ads of time.

The Bachelor is the store-brand Cheerios of salt.

Chihuahuas are the poet’s salary of crime.

If you don’t get these metaphors that’s not my fault.

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Women and Weather

A ballerina and a tornado
Are alike in many ways:
Both spin all day for who knows why
And upon them most people seldom gaze.

Both can transport you to magical lands
And both look strange in a tutu
(Though the one will object to the above claim
While the other will say nothing to you).

Both can look graceful, and dangerous too,
And if to a ballerina you are betroth
Take care your betrothed has temperance
Or you may just be marrying both.

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